351. Graphic Classics: Jack London edited by Tom Pomplun

Graphic Classics: Jack London edited by Tom Pomplun
Graphic Classics, Volume 5

Rating: (2/5)

(US) - (Canada) - (UK)

2006, 2nd edition, Eureka Publications, 144 pgs

Age: (12+)

"Graphic Classics: Jack London returns to print in a completely revised second edition, with over 50 pages of new material. New to this edition are adaptations of "The Red One" illustrated by Mark A. Nelson and "The Wit of Porportuk" by Arnold Arre. Plus a new comics adaptation of "To Kill a Man" by Kostas Aronis and a completely redrawn "That Spot" by Nick Miller. Returning from the previous edition are "A Thousand Deaths" by J.B. Bonivert, "Jan, the Unrepentant" by Hunt Emerson and six more thrilling stories. With a dramatic new cover by Jim Nelson."

Borrowed a copy through inter-library loan.

I am reading my way through this entire series and now have only three books left!  I was quite looking forward to this volume as I've read London's entire work of fiction.  Reading his major novels and famous short stories more than once each.  So I am sad to say this graphic adaption was quite a disappointment both for as a Jack London fan and a fan of the Graphic Classics series.  The collection doesn't contain adaptations of any of London's novels and I had been expecting a collection of tales of the gold rush, the Arctic North and the sailing seas.  There is a sample of each of these but all the other stories go on to show the wide range of genres he actually did write, though personally I'd say his fame and best came from the ones I mentioned.  I was especially dismayed not to see "To Build a Fire" in the collection.  I found most of the stories present to be just ok or even lacklustre, with some simply weird.  Not an enjoyable reading experience for me.  As to the art, I have no complaints; we find the usual artists present from Eureka's corral during the early volumes.  This book is an odd duck imho, as to my opinions on this series, as I've found the others to be much more superior in reading quality.  You may enjoy the content of the book, but don't judge the entire series by this one book alone.