322. Micrographica by Renee French

Micrographica by Renee French

Rating: (4/5)

(US) - (Canada) - (UK)

May 8, 2007, Top Shelf Productions, 208 pgs (Digital available here!)

Age: (18+)

"Micrographica takes Renée French's Ignatz award nominated online strip of the same name and turns it way up. A mob of tiny rodents live la vida loca, led by the trash-talking bully Moe, and his trash-talking sidekick Preston. Add in Nubbins, the big guy; poor, sweet crapball-lovin' Aldo; and a rotting corpse turned playground, and you'll never find a more moving affirmation of traditional values. Inspired by a bald bird sighting while the author was wandering Hunter's Hill in Sydney, Australia, this book is pure weirdness -- just what Renée French fans dream of. "

Borrowed a copy through Inter-Library Loan.

I don't know what to say about this. Odd, obscure, weird, disturbing ... very disturbing.  The book is a palm-sized square, however the original art was done in one-inch squares and is very simplistic yet charged with emotion.  The mole characters (naked mole rats the back cover tells me) are fighting over a ball of crap; somehow this is absorbing.  One of them gets upset and his nose swells up and again somehow I feel sorry for him.  Next they go off and investigate another object which we only get small glimpses of certain portions of it since it is so big.  It is with frightening dismay when the simple words and recognition of an eye come together and we are sickened to realize it is a human corpse.  The story continues; there is life and death, sadness and joy, curiosity and acceptance.  Ultimately bizarre and yet somehow sentimental.  The book is not for children, there is swearing and as I've said it is disturbing, but absorbingly so :-)