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Signing Up for the 2018 11th Annual Graphic Novel and Manga Reading Challenge

Two 70s Gold Key comics: Boris Karloff Tales of Mystery #91 & Bugs Bunny #133: Jiminy Christmas

Rogue Trooper #39 by Simon Geller & Grimjack #26: Twisted Metal by John Ostrander

Lady Killer, Volume 2 by Joëlle Jones

Faith and the Future Force by Jody Houser

Batman: Detective Comics (Rebirth) Vol. 4: Deus Ex Machina by James Tynion IV

Three 1980's Judge Dredd Monthly by John Wagner

3 comics: Living With Zombies / Matthew Billman; Earthlore / C.J. Henderson & Dreadstar / Peter David

Battlestar Galactica #8 and #9 by Greg Pak

Imaginary Homework by Theo Ellsworth

Justice League/Power Rangers by Tom Taylor

Suicide Squad (Rebirth) Vol. 4: Earthlings on Fire by Rob Williams

Shiver: Junji Ito Selected Stories by Junji Ito

Batman (Rebirth) Volume 4: The War of Jokes and Riddles by Tom King

Tasteful Insect Nudes by Steve Steiner

Null and Void: drawings From August, 2016 by Ferin Fick

Black Hammer, Vol. 1: Secret Origins by Jeff Lemire

Superman (Rebirth) Vol. 4: Black Dawn by Peter J. Tomasi

Soliloquy: A zine with alternate ways of communication by Bast Armannsson

Winnebago Graveyard by Steve Niles

Geis II: A Game Without Rules by Alexis Deacon

2018 11th Annual Graphic Novel & Manga Challenge

Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys: The Big Lie by Anthony Del Col

James Bond: Felix Leiter by James Robinson

Batman/The Shadow: The Murder Geniuses by Scott Snyder

Justice League (Rebirth) Vol. 4: Endless by Bryan Hitch

Justice League (Rebirth) Volume 3: Timeless by Bryan Hitch

Justice League (Rebirth) Volume 2: Outbreak by Bryan Hitch

Justice League (Rebirth) Volume 1: The Extinction Machines by Bryan Hitch

Kaptara, Vol. 1: Fear Not, Tiny Alien by Chip Zdarsky

101 Movies to Watch Before You Die by Ricardo Cavolo

Comic of the Month Club Oct 2017 Unboxing

Zine-O-Matic Oct 2017 Unboxing |Zines & Indie Art

Wonder Woman (Rebirth) Vol. 4: Godwatch by Greg Rucka

The Flash (Rebirth) Vol. 4: Running Scared by Joshua Williamson

Batwoman (Rebirth) Vol.1 : The Many Arms of Death by Marguerite Bennett

Booster Gold #1 million, #28 & #34 by Dan Jurgens et al

Red Hood and the Outlaws (Rebirth) Vol. 1: Dark Trinity by Scott Lobdell

Wonder Woman 77 Meets the Bionic Woman by Andy Mangels

The Mushroom Dialogues by Lara Kaminoff

My Hero Academia, Vol. 10 by Kohei Horikoshi

Demon, Volume 4 by Jason Shiga

A Castle in England by Jamie Rhodes