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Millennium by Joe Harris

Star Trek/Planet of the Apes: The Primate Directive by Scott Tipton

Your Lie in April Vol. 3 by Naoshi Arakawa

Baba Yaga's Assistant by Marika McCoola. Illustrated by Emily Carroll

Blazing Comics #1-#5: The Green Turtle (1944-1945

Tokyo Ghoul, Volume 2 by Sui Ishida

Noragami: Stray God Volume 6 by Adachitoka

Hawk and Dove, Vol. 1: First Strikes by Sterling Gates

The Creeps: Book 1: Night of the Frankenfrogs by Chris Schweizer

Punky Brewster Vol. 1 by Joelle Sellner

Rat Queens, Vol. 2: The Far Reaching Tentacles of N'rygoth by Kurtis J. Wiebe

Teen Titans Vol. 1: Blinded by the Light by Will Pfeifer

First Man: Reimagining Matthew Henson by Simon Schwartz

Zatch Bell!, Volume 19 & 20 by Makoto Raiku

The October Faction Volume 1 by Steve Niles

Manga Classics: Great Expectations by Charles Dickens by Crystal S. Chan, Stacy King (Translator), Nokman Poon (Illustrator)

Zatch Bell!, Volume 18 by Makoto Raiku

My Hero Academia, Vol. 01 by Kouhei Horikoshi

The Seven Deadly Sins, Volume 9 by Nakaba Suzuki

Michael Midas Champion: Book One by Jordan B. Gorfinkel

Teen Titans Go! #6 & #8: Thunder and Lightning Strike! by J. Torres & Mad Mod Is in Vogue! by Adam Beechen