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Signing Up for the 2018 11th Annual Graphic Novel and Manga Reading Challenge

Two 70s Gold Key comics: Boris Karloff Tales of Mystery #91 & Bugs Bunny #133: Jiminy Christmas

Rogue Trooper #39 by Simon Geller & Grimjack #26: Twisted Metal by John Ostrander

Lady Killer, Volume 2 by Joëlle Jones

Faith and the Future Force by Jody Houser

Batman: Detective Comics (Rebirth) Vol. 4: Deus Ex Machina by James Tynion IV

Three 1980's Judge Dredd Monthly by John Wagner

3 comics: Living With Zombies / Matthew Billman; Earthlore / C.J. Henderson & Dreadstar / Peter David

Battlestar Galactica #8 and #9 by Greg Pak

Imaginary Homework by Theo Ellsworth

Justice League/Power Rangers by Tom Taylor

Suicide Squad (Rebirth) Vol. 4: Earthlings on Fire by Rob Williams

Shiver: Junji Ito Selected Stories by Junji Ito

Batman (Rebirth) Volume 4: The War of Jokes and Riddles by Tom King

Tasteful Insect Nudes by Steve Steiner

Null and Void: drawings From August, 2016 by Ferin Fick

Black Hammer, Vol. 1: Secret Origins by Jeff Lemire

Superman (Rebirth) Vol. 4: Black Dawn by Peter J. Tomasi

Soliloquy: A zine with alternate ways of communication by Bast Armannsson

Winnebago Graveyard by Steve Niles

Geis II: A Game Without Rules by Alexis Deacon

2018 11th Annual Graphic Novel & Manga Challenge

Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys: The Big Lie by Anthony Del Col

James Bond: Felix Leiter by James Robinson

Batman/The Shadow: The Murder Geniuses by Scott Snyder