Last Man #1: The Stranger by Bastien Vivès

Last Man #1: The Stranger by Bastien Vivès
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Paperback, 208 pages
Published March 31st 2015 by First Second
(first published in French 2013)

Last Man (#1)

This was enjoyable! French manga! Here we have a story that is typical of the martial arts battle shounen manga, such as Dragonball. I loved the two main characters, one a coddled young boy who wants to be a great fighter but has little skill, the other a mysterious stranger about the age of the mother who is an excellent fighter when it comes to strength and skill but he has no magic like the majority of the others in this kingdom he has "landed" in. The mystery surrounding this man is intriguing. I find myself wondering if he may not only be from a far off land but perhaps an entirely different planet. So far it would appear to be your usual manga but it's not. The art style is my least favourite aspect of this book. I do love French art but this tries to add a Japanese flair to it without really succeeding in my opinion. The deeper understanding of the plot, interactions between characters and the general tone of the story though do not try to imitate manga-style and the book's European/French style shines. I really liked this little world and fell right into it. Very much looking forward to picking up Vol. 2.