Aw Yeah Comics! And... Action! by Art Baltazar

Aw Yeah Comics! And... Action! by Art Baltazar
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Published September 16th, 2014 by Dark Horse Books

A fun all-ages comic with doses of humour and superhero action. Baltazar & Franco are an amazing team-up and everything they do together is distinctive with the art being a comic joy. This is presented in a series of shorts from one page to several pages long. The stories all go together but there is no real running plot and there are time-outs for jokes and silly things. There are many cat heroes and villains to meet including Action Cat & Bug plus their female counterparts (Action Cat & Bug), Evil Cat & Ghost Bug, Zombie Cat and Frankenbug plus a host of other non-cat heroes and villains. Personally I found it a bit much reading this all together in one big collection and think it would be better taken in the smaller doses of the comic books which are up to issue #9 as of Feb 2015. This would make a great subscription for kids looking for something all ages appropriate.