Black Rose Alice, Vol. 1 by Setona Mizushiro

Black Rose Alice, Vol. 1 by Setona Mizushiro
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Paperback, 192 pages
Published August 5th 2014 by VIZ Media LLC
(first published in Japanese, 2008)

Black Rose Alice (1)

Whoa! I really liked this. Not what I had expected at all! The vampire mythos here is very different from the popular western media take on vampires. Some things are the same such as not liking the sun, but there are more very peculiar differences. This is rather disturbing! Lots of death and blood, a rape scene, man with a 16yo girl, teacher with a high school boy, and the only romance so far is the overdramatic Romeo & Juliet I'd-die-for-you kind. That suits me ok as I'm more interested in all the creepy stuff than a romance. We understand the "Black Rose" part of the title, but there has been no "Alice" yet. This is one I'd definitely continue reading!