Tom Strong's Terrific Tales #8 & #10 by Alan Moore

Tom Strong's Terrific Tales No. 8 by Alan Moore
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I love Alan Moore but this anthology of three tales each taking place within the same universe was mediocre at best.

1. Tom Strong: G-G-Ghosts at the Gearstick by Alan Moore - Absolutely ridiculous. This episode is like a "Wacky Races" where the losers spend a year in Perdition. Comedic, but not my thing. (2/5)

2. Jonni Future: The Masque of the Moonjacker by Steve Moore - Another silly story of a man who steals moons and Jonni goes after him only to decide he deserves them. Weird humour. (2/5)

3. Young Tom Strong and The Memory Pit by Steve Moore - This one is actually more serious. Young Tom goes back to the volcano where his parents died and finds his friend, the robot Pneuman. (3/5)

Tom Strong's Terrific Tales No. 10 Featuring Jonni Future by Alan Moore
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I  didn't think much of the previous issue. However, this one had much better stories making me think this anthology may be hit and miss. I'd certainly give it another try.

1. Tom Strong: Coloring Our Perceptions by Alan Moore - This is wordless and the art is plain weird but the story has quite a bit going on. It's contemplative, about desires and wants. The theme I'd say is that you always have your dreams wherever you are physically or mentally. You can always dream of a better life, but when reality and dreams begin to merge and you can't tell the difference trouble will likely find you, but again you'll always have your dreams. Pretty dark. (3/5)

2. Jonni Future: Cure for Cancer by Steve Moore - We drop right into the middle of a plot which must have started in the last issue. An amazingly drawn villain named Cancer Blue is infecting the people of Earth (actually Boston to be more specific) with a cancer virus and Jonni follows her and with the help of a local geek finds the cure. A fun story with gorgeous art. (4/5)

3. Young Tom Strong: Return to the Reef by Steve Moore - An episode in young Tom's life where he is turning into a man and having certain feelings. The tribe he lives with he considers family so there is no one there with whom he can experiment with these urges. Then one day he meets an ocean girl who comes on land to spend the day with him and teaches him the way of men and women. Unexpectedly deep. (3/5)