Wandering Star by Teri S. Wood

Wandering Star by Teri S. Wood
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Hardcover, 496 pages
Published June 20th 2016 by Dover Publications
Original published 1993
Source: egalley via netgalley

Indie comic artistry at it's finest! Collected here for the first time are all 21 issues of Teri Wood's "Wandering Star". A Forward and an Introduction give us a lot of backstory on the making of this comic and its history.This is pure space opera and I loved every minute of it. The art is rough and raw in its pencilled 1990s indie style, but it is quality and once you immerse yourself in the story you forget about modern sleek computer-drawn comics. The story is typical: a warrior race works its way around the galaxy taking over planets and turning the inhabitants into slaves with mind control devices. Earth has newly joined the Alliance and the story starts with the President's daughter attending the Academy. The story contains just about everything you could possibly want from an adventure in space. There are side stores to keep each issue fresh and the book reads brilliantly as one large cohesive unit. Teri is a talented storyteller and her main characters are lovable. The book ends with a reproduction of the original issue #1 that she made in her garage. This was really fun to see how her art changed dramatically and where the hints of her overall story started from. A must read for collectors of this genre.