The Batman Adventures, Volume 1: Rogues' Gallery by Dan Slott, Ty Templeton, et al

The Batman Adventures, Volume 1: Rogues' Gallery by Dan Slott & Ty Templeton*
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This is a collection of the first four issues of "Batman Adventures" based on the cartoon show in a tiny digest size. I don't really like this format as I find them hard to read and I have good eyesight. But the first issue collected here is "Gotham Adventures" #50 which tells a tale of Bat & Cat becoming more friendly, Cat seems to have softened a bit, but still a thief. This doesn't really have anything to do with the "Batman Adventures" and I'm confused as to why it was collected here. Then we move on to an Arkham Asylum tale which are always tons of fun with all the cameos by the various villains. Then the newly "cured" Riddler & Batman team up. There's a great issue featuring Harley and the Joker and how she gets him out of prison and de-brainwashes him. Finally, the last story brings Ra's al Ghul and his daughter to the scene. The stories are all pretty much stand-alones but there is a common thread involving the Shadow Assassins of Ra's al Ghul lurking throughout. I really like the stories here but the digest size is just too small to be any fun. I recommend buying the individual comics which are still available at 99 cents each.

*Ty Templeton is a Canadian writer/illustrator having worked for both Marvel & DC

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