Green Arrow (New 52) Vol. 2: Triple Threat by Ann Nocenti

Green Arrow (New 52) Vol. 2: Triple Threat by Ann Nocenti
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The New 52

I'm only reading these as I'm a completest and want to be "filled in" as I'm excited about Jeff Lemire taking over the reins. I liked this volume way better than the first and actually quite enjoyed it. Never been a fan of Green Arrow, but the clean shaven (no goatee!) look makes him much more easier to take seriously. I like where the plot is going for him on a personal level, the stuff with his business. All the villains here are new ones, so we don't meet up with any old faces but that's ok because I loved the "Skylark" triplets. Awesome semi-villains! The robot people was a fun storyline and, finally, I adore Suzie Ming, great female superhero! I like Chinese mythology/history so really enjoyed that little adventure and the cliffhanger ending that came out of nowhere was interesting. There is a mention in this volume where someone asks GA didn't he go off to join the Justice League and since I'm a regular reader of that I enjoyed the reference and can place timeline wise where I am in the grand scheme of the JL universe. Lots of artists worked in this volume, so quite some different styles but I was pleased with pretty much all of it. Didn't really think I would be, but I'm actually looking forward to the next volume which I'm reading next.

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