Millennium Snow (2-in-1) : Includes Vols. 1 & 2 by Bisco Hatori

Millennium Snow (2-in-1) , Vol. 1: Includes Vols. 1 & 2 by Bisco Hatori
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Millennium Snow (1, 2)

Vol. 1 - This is adorable! I'm on a quest to find shoujo that I actually like ... there must be some. I chose this because of the vampire theme and the summary made it sound as if romance was not the main element. I found the story cute and funny. We have the typical couple at odds but what is different here is that the girl, Chiyuki, likes the boy, Toya, from the get-go and lets him know it. He is the one who won't admit he likes her, though of course he speeds to her side the first time she gets a boo-boo. LOL. I like the girl's attitude here; she's sassy and has spunk, not a door-wipe like most shoujo I've tried. Of course, Toya, knocks her around a bit in jest, you get used to this in shoujo, and calls her names, mostly "stupid". I prefer Dojo's calling Iku "bonehead" in Library Wars, but name calling is cultural and I'm sure the Japanese equivalents are more endearing. I know in French they use animal names such as chicken, flea, otter, hen and even cabbage and egg! Anyway, I kept waiting to find out who the other guy was on the front cover and I *love* who it turns out to be. Sweet and fun. And the sidekick, Yami, the bat? Perfect comedic partner and kawaii! Looking forward to the next volume. Unfortunately, this volume does end with a (perverted) one-off which left a sour taste in my mouth ('nough said). (4/5)

Vol. 2 - I'm totally satisfied with this volume but we need to suspend belief and just go with the flow because plotting is all over the place. Things happen for no apparent reason and then everybody just moves on to the next thing :-( Normally, that would bother me but this story is basically "fluff" and really a lot of fun that to analyze it would just be pretentious. The characters are all so cute, I just love them! Of course I like Toya the best! The romance is more focused in this volume but everybody now knows everybody is in love (or deep like) with each other, which usually isn't the case in shoujo, and I didn't feel any irritation with it at all. (My main problem with shoujo) The plots of the stories overrode the romance for me keeping me interested and the humour kept me laughing. As mentioned the the story jumps all over the place but the stories of the ghost girl in the deserted mansion and the psycho cousin who ties Chiyuki up are pretty wild. Here's hoping volume three continues in the same fun manner. (4/5)

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