Zatch Bell, Volume 12 by Makoto Raiku

Zatch Bell, Volume 12 (Zatch Bell (Graphic Novels))Zatch Bell, Volume 12 by Makoto Raiku
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Total battle action in this volume from beginning to end with a short breather in the middle. The story picks up pace now as the two sides have been pitted against each other and Zatch and Kiyo find themselves battling multiple mamodos. The breather takes time out to reveal the battle action to our heroes and for us to learn who is really behind the scenes leader for each side, good and evil. Zatch and Kiyo are gradually joined by their friends as the book progresses. This feels like a pivotal point in the series and it turns in this new direction which it has been building to for the last few volumes. Still loving all the characters and humour!

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