Zatch Bell Vol. 14 by Makoto Raiku

Zatch Bell Vol. 14 (Zatch Bell (Graphic Novels))Zatch Bell Vol. 14  by Makoto Raiku
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Fantastic volume! The battle intensity continues but some time for plot and emotion has been left here. This works really well! A third book in a row of pure battle might have been too much but just as we're ready the author gets back to the story. Our lovers from way back are back for this volume and I was soooo happy to see them. Of course, they bring an emotional story with them which brings back that part of the series that I love so much too. {sigh} As they are fighting their way to the top of the castle the plot thickens a bit more and we have a cute flash back to Suzy at home for some humour. I just love this series! It has everything.

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