Ariol #4: A Beautiful Cow by Emmanuel Guibert

Ariol #4: A Beautiful Cow
by Emmanuel Guibert
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I'm addicted to the Ariol books! These are such pleasant slice-of-life stories about anthropomorphic tweeners that as the publisher says "is the perfect series for anyone who started off life as a kid!" The stories in this volume are varied with no particular focus on any character though I'd say perhaps the focus is on school stories this time. As the title implies, as usual, there are a couple featuring Ariol and his crush on Petula, but each time we see Bizzbilla struggling with her crush on Ariol. I just love these stories and the situations. They are cute and funny, but they are so real. Nothing is overdone or overthetop because the author and illustrator have found the perfect element of humour in episodes from the real lives of young teens, their parents and teachers.

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