Ariol #2: Thunder Horse by Emmanuel Guibert

Ariol #2: Thunder HorseAriol #2: Thunder Horse by Emmanuel Guibert
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I liked Ariol #1 but I loved Ariol #2. I was laughing right from the start with the humour that hits at two levels, one for kids and one for adults. Ariol is collecting sticker packs for his Thunder Horse sticker album and is up to four packs a day but knows he has to cut back down to one pack a day. Seriously. That started me giggling and I was in the mood the whole way through. Again we have the collection of several short stories but this time the topics vary from the first time so they don't feel repetitive at all. Something I must say I was afraid might happen. There are a few school stories and some of the same friends return but other classmates we only saw in book 1 are given bigger roles in this book. New teachers are introduced which meant I missed seeing the coach from book 1. And to further develop these characters even though there is no overall plot we are introduced to Ariol's family. We met mum and dad last book, and they show up plenty here as well. Also Ariol's grandparents come aboard and Ariol shows his love and pride for his parents in two different situations when talking about them. Ariol is a cute, resourceful intelligent donkey but he also manages to get himself into unexpected trouble usually at the behest of Ramono his pig friend or because of mooning over his lady love Petula the cow. Lovely comic for the 7-11 age group the adults will enjoy the humour of as well. Looking forward to Book 3.

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