67-69. 2000 AD Prog 1806-1808

Judge Dredd Universe

67. Prog 1806, 24 Oct 2012 (4/5)

This issue includes:

Judge Dredd: The Cold Deck, Part One - Sinister and secret beginnings go on in the first part of a promising long-lasting story.  Inside Judge politics and a trip to the Under City set up an interesting story. (3/5)

The Simping Detective: Jokers to the Right, Part Three - The doll leads Jack further on the case, meeting both friend and foe but a secret message slipped to him may help him out of the spot he finds himself in.  (4/5)

ABC Warriors: Return to Earth - Seems that the army tries to take out Hammerstien and his ABC buddies.  They win/escape and H. has his meeting finally with the human Dedan whom H. lets know in no uncertain terms that he's not working for planet earth and the betterment of humankind but for the ABC Warriors and their very existence.  While I like certain episodes of this, ones like this one I find the story getting away from me.  (3/5)

Brass Sun: The Wheel of Worlds, Part Seven - The Station Master sends Wren on her mission with young Conductor 17 to accompany her.  We find out the Master isn't as compassionate a being as he first seemed and 17 has explicit instructions if any problems arise.  Their journey through the tubes begins and they end in a tropical jungle/conservatory atmosphere.  (5/5)

Low Life: Saudade, Part 2 - Since I read Part 1 I have read the collection of Low Life stories and finally have myself firmly set in this world and the background  of the characters, which made the reading of this much more fun as I got the allusions to past events made for the sake of fans.  Frank's trying to find out what exactly is going on here on the moon as he discovers this Corporation is not on the up and up and there is already an undercover agent in place.  When Frank hacks into the computer to find out his current status with Wally Squad back on Earth he finds out way more than he bargained for and he ends up in cliff-hanger trouble.  (4/5)

68. Prog 1807, 31 Oct 2012 (5/5) 
(technically it should be 4.5, but it gets the extra .5 for the adrenaline rush of the first three stories!)

This issue contains:

Judge Dredd: The Cold Deck, Part Two:  Something's going down and we have three sets of people heading for the "buy" but as it's about to go off, something goes wrong and we have traitors all over.  Dredd is kicking the door down as we end. (5/5)

The Simping Detective: Jokers to the Right, Part Four - OMG!!! Point is doing a deal when the door busts in and Judge Dredd bursts into the room!! It's the continuation of the Judge Dredd story, they are connected!  Point makes his escape and we follow him as he figures a way to hide out in Mega-City.  This blew my socks off! (5/5)

Low Life: Saudade, Part 3 - Well, it looked like Frank was a goner there for a moment but it was the *other* Wally Squad secret agent who got caught.  Frank finally finds out why he's been sent to Luna with no instructions when the secret files from Mega City One being looked for in the  first two stories in this comic arrive in the hands of Overdrive  Corp. !!! All three stories are connected and read as one back-to-back story!  How awesome does that get! (5/5)

Time to calm down now since no more stories currently take place in the Judge Dredd universe.  I'm pumped after those three stories though and am rating this issue 5* no matter how I feel about the next two. LOL

The ABC Warriors: Return to Earth - Hammerstein is finally at the White House. He has to fight off some inferior Mark Fours; we find out some inside politics that the President is not his own man, is trying to do what is right but is being pulled and harassed by both sides.  He is basically a "patsy".  H. knows this, considers him an innocent man but meets him face to face to kill him.  OK.  As you know by now; I'm not loving this story.  (3/5)

Brass Sun: The Wheel of Worlds, Part Eight - The guide explains this ruined, perhaps uninhabited plant world to Wren.  As they travel they find a dead body being scavenged by air fauna and are suddenly attacked by a metal man. The guide blows its top off with a flare gun but now they are surrounded by more. I like the change to a new world and the direction this is taking.  Really enjoying this story and art is as splendid as ever. (5/5)

69. Prog 1808, 07 Nov 2012 (3.5/5)

A much calmer issue than last time but the stories continue on in a satisfying way.

This issue includes:

Judge Dredd: The Cold Deck, Part Three - Dredd runs after the guy in the room who vaguely tells him about the list on the file but he is killed by  a sniper, then Dredd is called into headquarters saying matters have been passed onto the Chief Judge and Dredd needs to be spoken with in depth.  (3/5)

ABC Warriors: Return to Earth - Hammerstien meets the president, agrees to talk to him and has confusion as to whether to kill him or not but through the man's own own words he determines his own destiny.  And Quartz shows up.  (3/5)

Brsass Sun: The Wheel of Worlds, Part Nine - Wren and her guide are running through the wilderness followed by the mechanical men, Wren passes out from the heat and the guide must drag her just as all seems lost a strange stone-like creature arrives and seems to be fighting to help our heroes. Until a humanoid creature arrives on the scene wanting to know what time of game Wren and her friend are.  Strange... (4/5)

Low Life: Saudade, Part 4 - Whole episode is taken up with Dirty Frank taking a wild run for it as seems to have been found out.  He also has some brief flashbacks to his being assigned this mission and ends up in as heap of a cliff-hanger of trouble. (4/5)

The Simping Detective: Jokers to the Right, Part Five - Point infiltrated the Church of Simpology, passes the security, entrance tests, thouhb a bug is found on one of his teeth.  His case of cash stolen from the last episode is much appreciated as a donation. He meets a girl who it taken with him and led to a room where a very strange PSI man is waiting.  He knows exactly who *Judge* Frank is and makes a deal with him for the money.  (4/5)