Noir Volume 1: The Mohawk Templar by Victor Gischler

Noir Volume 1: The Mohawk Templar by Victor Gischler
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Dynamite's Masked Man 'Verse

Ahhhh! My second favourite comics to read are Dynamite's masked heroes and I always open up a new trade with glee. This one was perfectly satisfying. Most of the masked heroes are males so what a joy to meet these two kick-but female pulp heroes: Miss Fury and Black Sparrow. A fine, rollicking "Indiana Jones"-type adventure set post WWII this is an action-packed tale that features a cameo by The Shadow in the first issue. This volume is a little more mature than what I've read previously. It's a bit sexy, has adult language and quite violent with lots of blood splatters and bruises. So the noir title really fits as I'd say this is the darkest story I've read set in this universe. But there are also lots of quips and one-liners that make it a fun, entertaining read and the catty, just starting to be friends relationship between Fury and Sparrow make a great reluctant hero duo. Miss Fury has her own book, which I haven't read yet, but I'd love to meet up with Black Sparrow again too. Her costume is awesome!

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