18. Judge Dredd: The Complete Case Files 06 by John Wagner & Allan Grant

Judge Dredd: The Complete Case Files 06 by John Wagner & Allan Grant (buy)
Judge Dredd Universe: Collects Progs 271-321

Rating: (5/5)

Aug 13 2013, 2000AD, 336pgs

Ages: (13+)

"The Complete Case Files series is a chronological collection of all of Judge Dredd's adventures. This book collects some of his most famous cases inlcuding Trapper Hag and the Starborn Thing.

In Mega-City One Judge Dredd is the Law. From Trapper Hag to the Starborn Thing no perp escapes the instant justice he dispenses with an iron fist. Now in this sixth volume of his collected adventures you’ll meet some of Dredd’s most bizarre adversaries yet!"

Received a review copy from Simon & Schuster Canada.

By this point we are really into the good stuff.  Starting off with the after affects of the Apocalypse War, Mega-City One is being put back together slowly but surely throughout this whole volume.  Dredd has to go into the Cursed Earth quite a few times so we have mutie and radiation problems.  Vilins he meets up with include introduction of Trapper Hagg, the Fatties, and the Starborn Thing along with the resurrection of Mean Machine.  Shanty Town is finally taken over by the Judges and Dredd's partner most of the time is future Chief Judge Barbara Hershey.  Almost all the stories are longer serial runs with serious storylines.  There are only a few one-shots and two-parters.  Other than the Fatties story I don't recall much cheesiness; there were several monsters of the radiation type, a good showing of muties (I love them!) and a couple of aliens to make a very exciting variety of bad guys added to the usual city thugs.  Lots of criminals were sent to the cubes so I won't be surprised to see some of them return in the future.  No epic story arcs in this volume but really heavy on the justice and fighting crime.  Loved it!  Next volume will be out soon!  Yeah!