Green Lanterns (Rebirth) Vol. 3: Polarity by Sam Humphries

Green Lanterns (Rebirth) Vol. 3: Polarity by Sam Humphries
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This volume concentrates mainly on new recruits Jessica and Simon, however, there are plenty of cameos from other Green Lanterns and Justice League members. The first issue concentrates on what a day-in-the-life of Jessica is like dealing with her anxiety disorder. The second issue is a Batman tie-in story. Next up is an issue of the very first one to wear a Ring and how he created the Green Lanterns and Guardians of the Universe. Then we finish off with the main title "Polarity". This story is dealt with as Simon, Jessica and the Justice League face up against Doctor Polarity and Simon deals with similarities in his life dealing with fear. However, an element is lightly introduced of there being another Guardian of the Universe alive and the book ends with a call-out to all GLs to deal with that issue. Great reading. The more I read the Lantern books, the more I enjoy them and the more I learn about their complicated universe and background.