Clayface Returns (You Choose: Batman) by John Sazaklis

Clayface Returns (You Choose: Batman) by John Sazaklis
Illus. Ethan Beavers
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Published August 1st 2016 by Stone Arch Books
Source: Received print copy from publisher

Batman Family

Similar to their superhero chapter book series, Capstone now has "choose your own adventure" superhero stories featuring Batman. This book has eleven possible endings which are about 50/50 with Batman winning or the villain getting away. I like Clayface so this was a fun story for me and the choices can take you on a path of three different plots making re-reading fun. Each one has Clayface as the villain but they have different situations. In one Clayface goes after the man who made him this way, another he shows up at a TV show convention appearance of a TV superhero and the other features Zatanna helping Batman against Clayface. I prefer the chapter books myself but kids will enjoy the variety in re-reading this book.