Deathstroke Vol. 1: Gods of Wars by Tony S. Daniel

Deathstroke Vol. 1: Gods of Wars by Tony S. Daniel
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Paperback, 144 pages
Published June 23rd 2015 by DC Comics

Deathstroke (1)

I'm a newbie coming into this volume, being unfamiliar with Deathstroke and the Suicide Squad. This volume takes place after "The New Suicide Squad Vol. 1" as an asterisk refers to events in that volume as taking place in the recent past. I've wanted to get in on these guys and this was an exciting volume with lots of stuff happening but a little confusing for a newbie like me because the story is based on revenge and consequences from past events. It's totally cool that Slade's whole family is involved here though and when the action moves from Russia to Gotham some familiar faces show up taking me into more well-known territory. The action is violent and bloody in this volume and not for those with an aversion to decapitated heads. I really enjoyed it, though will need to do some more reading to become properly acquainted with the characters.