238. Graphic Classics, Vol. 11: O. Henry

Graphic Classics: O. Henry edited by Tom Pomplun.
Graphic Classics: Volume 11

Rating: (5/5)

(US) - (Canada) - (UK)

2005, Eureka Productions, 144 pgs

Age: 12+

Borrowed a copy through Inter-Library Loan.

One of the best volumes in this series (and I've almost read them all)!  First of all, I just love O.Henry, the master of the twist ending and this collection brings together his two most famous stories "The Ransom of Red Chief" and "The Gift of the Magi" with a wonderful assortment of others from all sorts of different genres such as westerns, comedies and mysteries.  I absolutely enjoyed every single tale whether it be new or an old favourite to me.  Seeing them renditioned in the graphic format is a delight.  The collection of illustrations brings together a fine company of artists.  One thing I love about the early books in this series is that one can expect to find Rick Geary (a favourite of mine) more often than not making a contribution.  Here he deftly handles the masterpiece "The Marionette" of two equally criminal thieves but one a scoundrel, the other with a heart.  Other fantastic artwork I enjoyed was by Michael Slack, Lisa K. Weber and the comic style of Johnny Ryan.  The rest of the art varied in my appreciation but nothing disappointed me; everything was a good match for the stories they highlighted. If you've never read O.Henry (gasp!) this should only whet your appetite to read the real thing and if you are already a fan like me it is a joy to read a wonderful graphic homage to his work such as this.  When all things are considered, the author specific volumes of Graphic Classics series are my favourite volumes as opposed to the thematic ones of which there are two types: genre specific such as horror, Gothic, western, fantasy and generic themes such as Halloween, Christmas, African-American, Adventure and the upcoming Canine/Feline.