Surgeon X: The Path of Most Resistance by Sara Kenney

Surgeon X: The Path of Most Resistance by Sara Kenney My rating: 4 of 5 stars Set approximately 20 years from now in London, England, this is a futuristic medical thriller where the world is suffering an antibiotic apocalypse. Almost every disease known to man has become resistant to antibiotics and the government has taken control of antibiotic dispensation to only the few who pass a rigid screening process. The story centres around a family in the medical profession. The father is a surgeon working in his own private medical clinic catering to the rich, the recently murdered mother was a biologist searching for a cure to the pandemic, a super-antibiotic. Twin sisters follow in the parents' footsteps, one is also a biologist trying to continue her mother's work and the other is also a surgeon but one who has left the hospital atmosphere refusing to be dictated to by the government, instead she has gone rogue creating an illegal surgery in her basement. And then there is the only son, a paranoid schizophrenic, who has been hospitalised several times. This is a serious, dramatic story which I really enjoyed. It's very realistic but does get a little weird at times with visions and delusions. The murderer strikes a few more times and I like this aspect, plus the pandemic, the best. Good art and a great read.