The 2015 Cybils Winners!

I was thrilled to be on the Round 1 shortlist committee again this year and today the Round 2 committee has announced the winners.  I couldn't be happier with the books they picked. For the whole list of all category wins visit the Cybils website.

Graphic Novel 2015 Cybils Award Winners

Elementary/Middle Grade

I was behind this one all the way and super-excited to see it win. Definitely recommend you read it. You can read MY REVIEW here.

Roller Girl
by Victoria Jamieson
Dial Books
Nominated by: Maureen E
Since infancy, Astrid has always had her best friend, Nicole. But now that they’re twelve, Nicole begins to focus on dance camp and boys while Astrid is drawn to the knockdown, drag-out world of roller derby. Unfortunately, Astrid is terrible at roller derby. But as the summer progresses, Astrid learns little by little how to fall (literally), how to get back up (figuratively), and how to accept the inevitable changes that growing up brings. ROLLER GIRL tackles the tension of growing apart from a longtime friend and the transition to adolescence, and captures the tween voice expertly. In finding friends, communicating with parents, and meeting new mentors, Astrid begins to realize people are more complicated than she thought they were. ROLLER GIRL is a complete package: great art, great action, emotional grab, and all the right scenes and moments to help us understand Astrid’s journey toward forgiveness.

Young Adult

I had no frontrunner within our shortlist, but did have two I felt were neck-in-neck for me so am thrilled Nimona, one of my frontrunners won!  You can read MY REVIEW here.

by Noelle Stevenson
Nominated by: Liviania

Nimona is the snarky, shape-shifting sidekick to a supervillain. Her unwilling employer, Lord Ballister Blackheart, plays his part promoting evil and clashing against the hero Sir Ambrosius Goldenloin. Pulling Blackheart along with her overenthusiasm for wrongdoing, Nimona forces everyone to look deeply into questions of good and evil. She reopens old wounds between villain and hero, and tears into her own enemies with a vengeance, regardless of the consequences. But she also foils a nefarious government plot and is a fierce protector. Who is good? Who is evil? And who decides, anyway? In NIMONA, the answers keep shifting, and the results are awesome. We loved the way Noelle Stevenson created complex, sympathetic characters who subvert traditional understandings of beauty, power, and morality. And NIMONA is riotously funny to boot!