Young Justice Vol. 3: Creature Features by Greg Weisman

Young Justice Vol. 3: Creature Features by Greg Weisman
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Justice League series

OMG! This was absolutely fantastic! At some point during the publication of these issues the cartoon was cancelled but the comics continued for a while longer. We start off with a nice long story that takes place in Atlantis (minus Aquaman because he's busy with the JL) but everyone else you could almost imagine from Atlantis shows up with Ocean Master the villain, though no one knows his identity here. Only Aqualad, Superboy and Miss Martian are in the story so we next jump back a few days in time and visit our other heroes who are each out on a mission with their partner: Artemis & Green Arrow, Kid Flash & Flash and Robin & Batman each have separate crimes to solve which lead them and the 3 others to the same place where they find all are linked to the Kobra Cult for another good story. Finally the coup de grace is a gorilla story. It was with glee I realised we had three Gorilla villains in one story! Monsieur Mallah, Ultra-Humanite & Gorilla Grodd! But they weren't even the real bad guy! Great story, loved it. Then the book ends with one little panel that says 5 years later and Robin is Nightwing! OMG! I can't wait for the 4th and final volume of this series. An excellent series, suitable for all ages.

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