Young Justice Vol. 2: Training Day by Greg Weisman

Young Justice Vol. 2: Training Day by Greg Weisman
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Justice League series

cellent! These volumes tie-in with the cartoon so I do feel like I'm missing out a little bit but still they are whole stories and becoming much more serious and intense. There are some inconsistencies with the main DC universe canon but that is the norm for these cartoons. A fantastic start with the introduction of Artemis and how she goes against her villainous parental heritage to become a hero, joining Young Justice under the guise of being Green Arrow's niece. I like her already! Then some serious stuff when Captain Atom is teaching them a course and decides to send them into the field on a cold case to solve what really happened to "Captain Nathaniel Adams". Then finally we have some Batman vs the al Ghuls and a unique take on Clayface's origin story with Young Justice battling the clay dude. This is a great kid's comic which should satisfy all ages.

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