The Flash, Vol. 2: Rogues Revolution by Francis Manapul

The Flash, Vol. 2: Rogues Revolution by Francis Manapul
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

New 52: The Flash

I liked this better than vol. 1 but it's still missing something in the plot department. Now I'm only just getting to know Flash, previously I'd only read him in Justice League and pre-52 I'd read the odd comic with him against Gorilla Grodd or Mirror Master. So this book starts by getting Flash away from Gorilla and back to earth. Then the rest of the book has the Rogues Gallery working against Captain Cold and the Flash interfering with their troublemaking. I really enjoyed this part as I'm a big fan of team-ups whether they be hero or villains. I'd never heard of any of these guys before, except Mirror Master and we got a really good introduction to them all here, though some more than others of course. Then near the end the Gorilla's land on earth looking for Flash. The volume ends with an origins issue which mostly explains Flash's background and relationship with his father. Did his father kill his mother, or not? Liking this, but still hoping for more.

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