Batman: Brave and the Bold Vol. 3 - Emerald Knight by Landry Q. Walker

Batman: Brave and the Bold Vol. 3 - Emerald Knight by 
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Batman Universe

I enjoyed this volume much more than the earlier volumes. The writing has improved exponentially now that Walker has taken over as author and even with the variety of artists the artwork is steady, though, of course, cartoonish. Gone are the unrelated little opening scenes of the first volumes and now the issues start off with an opening scene which leads into the main story. The stories are still all pretty much stand-alones but at least some mention of previous events is occasionally mentioned. This volume contains a smorgasbord of heroes and villains, some I'd never even heard of! I love books like that and had a great deal of fun looking them up and meeting some old-time favourites plus plenty of less-frequently used characters. My absolute favourite part in here, and a gem of a fun issue is reading Batman's brief turn as a Green Lantern! This is a good kids comic, and this volume collects some really fun issues. It makes me want to watch the cartoon it's based on.

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