LEGO Ninjago #11: Comet Crisis by Greg Farshtey

LEGO Ninjago #11: Comet Crisis by Greg Farshtey. Illustrated by Jolyon Yates
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LEGO: Ninjago #11

I've not read this series before but I have read a book from Papercutz's other LEGO series and really liked it so was looking forward to this and was not disappointed. I'm quite amazed at how serious and well written a saga this is. Jumping in at volume 11 didn't cause me any problems but it is obvious this is an ongoing story as it began with a bit of a flashback to get the reader up-to-date. Ninjago are ninjas in space and a whole heck of fun. If you like ninjas, the only thing better could be ninjas in space. LOL. The story was impressive for what initially appears to be a simple kids book. LEGO? You say. Yes, LEGO. A very exciting, well-plotted, story with the gang stranded on an asteroid to find they are not alone and the presence does not wish them well. Lovely art, a fun read. I'd certainly go back and catch up with the series. Young LEGO fans will be delighted.

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