Chi's Sweet Home, Volume 11 by Konami Kanata

Chi's Sweet Home, Volume 11 by Konami Kanata
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Chi's Sweet Home (11)

This latest volume of Chi continues the storyline of Chi and his mother reuniting and finally bringing that to a climax. This volume actually concentrates on that more than anything and I found the humour to be less of a focus than usual. In fact, this volume has a feel of being the penultimate book; everything is brought to a head and changes are in place for the Yamada family. If the next book (due out Summer of 2015) does not end the series, then I believe it will begin a new story arc. While this volume is more plot oriented than snippets of humour it still does contain plenty of cute cat moments and both I and my 14yo son love each new episode of Chi and the Yamadas.

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