3 Issues of Superman Family Adventures by Art Baltazar & Franco

I've read a few issues of this comic and really enjoyed them so when I saw the collected volume 2 trade edition was a nominee for the cybils award I figured I'd finish up the earlier ones I hadn't read before I started on it.  My library currently has #1 on order so I'll get to that some time down the road.

Superman Family Adventures

Superman Family Adventures #3: Super-Pets! by Art Baltazar
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a cute series and suitable for the youngest readers as it has big bold type that young eyes will enjoy. A really fun story that starts off with Jimmy having a ring that is supposed to call Superman if he is in trouble but he accidentally got the one that calls the super-pets instead. After this main story are two shorts. One where Krypto and Fuzzy go off to do some more training after their work saving Jimmy. The last is a silly story of Lois questioning Clark where he is when Superman is around and well a glitch happens and we end up with multiple Supes and Clarks. Fun!

Superman Family Adventures #5: Who Is the Purple Superman? by Art Baltazar
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Lots of fun as usual with characters that have been introduced reappearing, even if only briefly. Main story is of Lex Luther's henchman Otis finding a purple meteorite and putting it under his hat. Well it ends up giving him powers and he sucks out Superman's power and tries to become the new "Purple Superman". Lots of fun as the gang goes after him. Then a short with a few of the super-pets. The last story has Lex Luther joining the staff of the Daily Planet as an intern hoping to get access to computer files on the Superman Family but instead spends all his time being Mr. White's coffee boy. Hilarious, plus includes a joke referring back to the purple story.

Superman Family Adventures #6: The Menace of Metallo! by Art Baltazar
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This one was great! Still three stories but now they are all joined together with the segue "meanwhile". Basically, we've got an origin story here for both Metallo and Steel, far from canon but they are lots of fun and the kids will like them. Steel officially gets an "S" and becomes part of the Superfamily. There is a short with the super-pets then the last one is a hoot! We are back at the farm with Ma Kent and the gang is fighting a villain then we get a quick peak at a very famous, but not frequent, supervillain. A great surprise!

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