Ernest & Rebecca #5: The School of Nonsense by Guillaume Bianco

The School of Nonsense by Guillaume Bianco
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Ernest & Rebecca (5)

This is the first Ernest & Rebecca book that I have read and I can see that probably decreased my enjoyment to a certain degree. First of all though, I loved the art; it is cute in a way I've come to expect from the French. I did like the story but found it quite confusing at first as it appears to be continuing on from a previous book. Remember I have no idea who these characters are and Ernest is gone for the first bit so it was difficult for me to get a feel for these characters. Also during the book an unseen character gets ill, while an asterisk refers us to book 3, and this becomes a theme. So not a good volume to start with but I will say that it has intrigued me. While being a fun, silly story it does also deal with some serious topics such as divorced parents, mother's fiance, teen angst and coming to terms with the idea that a grandparent isn't going to live forever. The book then ends with the scenario set for the next volume. I will probably give this series a go from the beginning to give it a proper read.

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