Smoke Signal No. 20 Fall/Winter 2014 edited by Alex Spiro

Smoke Signal No. 20 Fall/Winter 2014 edited by Alex Spiro
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Published 2014 by Nobrow / Desert Island Press

This is a free publication put out bi-annually (I believe) by Desert Island comic book store in Brooklyn. (Now I have a second reason for wanting to live in Brooklyn. #1 is the Morbid Anatomy Museum.) This edition was co-published with Nobrow Press and Nobrow was generous enough to send me a copy. It's fantastic and you must search out the publication when you are in the city or visit the website to purchase this or other back issues. Being newspaper size, there are some awesome pages and spreads worthy of framing (if I dared take it apart). The contents are a smorgasbord of surrealism, eccentricities, metaphysics and the down-right odd from Nobrow's stable of comic artists. Some are previews or teasers of books published in 2014 while others are, I'm assuming, original for this publication. I read a fair bit of Nobrow's books so am familiar with some of the artists represented such as Luke Pearson, Andrew Rae, Jamie Coe, Charles Burns, Bianca Bagnarelli and Olivier Balez. I really enjoyed the quirky and surreal comics! A special piece for my collection. Thanks Nobrow!