Meteor Men by Jeff Parker

Meteor Men by Jeff Parker
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Paperback, 128 pages
Published October 15th 2014 by Oni Press

This is a strong piece of pure science fiction (something I don't come across often enough these days). Aliens arrive on Earth during a meteor storm and the author brings a mature variation on the alien invasion theme. I found this to be a quick read and a story I was quickly hooked on. Usually when aliens arrive on earth one of two things happen: the aliens are bad and earth has to find the elusive way to kill them or the friendly, peace-loving aliens are misunderstood by the bad army/government people who want to kill them just because they are alien. I enjoyed Parker's take here as neither the aliens nor the authority figures are so easy to understand. We don't find out the alien objective until the end, which has a wonderful twist ending that leaves you thinking whether it was good or bad. Quite impressive. The art was excellent. Done realistically with a variety of frame structures that enhances the text.