Fate/Zero Volume 1 by Gen Urpbuchi

Fate/Zero Volume 1 by Gen Urpbuchi
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Paperback, 194 pages
Published March 1st 2016 by Dark Horse
Source: egalley via edelweiss

Fate/Zero (#1)

This is awesome! I'm not an anime watcher (only a manga reader) and this is is a prequel of the light novels and/or a retelling? of the popular anime. Because of this, I did find the beginning a little confusing to get into as I guess you are supposed to already know what is going on from being an anime fan, but once I got it sorted out and understood what the story was about I was hooked. The premise is really cool! I loved the pairing up of people with warriors from history and the plot of the Fourth Holy Grail War. This first volume is all set-up. There is no battle though the book ends with two warriors meeting each other so perhaps vol. 2 will start with a battle. Anyway, I got really excited to see King Arthur, Gilgamesh and Alexander the Great show up in this volume. A fourth warrior is introduced but I'd never heard of him even though he's from the Irish Finn MacCool legend which I have heard of/read. And even though all these famous guys are men historically, they are not in this manga! I really enjoyed the art as well. Books with characters from history and literature are really fun for me and this series shows a lot of promise from just this first volume. Can't wait for the battles!


  1. Oh, the anime of this is on Netflix! I'm just starting to get into anime (some of it really turns me off, but some is wonderful). It is a bit confusing to sort out how the light novels, manga and anime all interrelate, and then only some of them have been released in english . . . But there are great storylines!

  2. Just watched a few episodes of Fate/Zero on Netflix, and I think you might want to check it out, especially if you don't want to wait for the next volume of the manga. I'm really enjoying the characters with all their convoluted motivations, and the relationships between the Servants and Masters are wonderful fun!


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