Tune, Book 1: Vanishing Point by Derek Kirk Kim

Tune: Vanishing Point
by Derek Kirk Kim
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Tune (Book 1)

Oh my God! I love this! Tune really reminds me of Scott Pilgrim but sci-fi instead of fantasy and way better. What an amazing read; it has a bit of something for everyone. Starting off as a college student romantic comedy slice of life tale, an illustration student drops out to the dismay of his traditional Korean parents. He spends time with his art school friends, daydreams about the girl he likes and goes out for job interviews. This part is all a fun realistic story with a main character who is very likable and has a sex comedy vibe to it. But then while Andy finds out the girl of his dreams likes him back, and goes on his last job interview of the day, that's when the aliens turn up and the story becomes very intriguing. A must read!

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