The Smurfs Christmas by Peyo

The Smurfs Christmas by Peyo
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


I used to read Smurfs when I was a kid and haven't read one in ages. I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed them. This brought back all the memories and I quite enjoyed this Christmas outing with the little blue critters. Altogether there are 5 short stories here with only the first and the last being Christmas themed, two others take place in winter and the other is odd-man out just being a random story. They are all cute funny stories though and starting and ending with Christmas brings the seasonal air to the book without overdosing on Santa stories. Gargamel though often the villain in this series is not the only bad guy which is refreshing. In one story both he and the smurfs are terrorized by an ogre and in another a hunter is the bad guy. The final story has a feel good "peace on earth" theme making for a satisfying end.

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