Bird & Squirrel on Ice by James Burks

Bird & Squirrel on Ice by James Burks
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Bird & Squirrel (2)

Another great Bird & Squirrel book! I love these two characters; they are like a modern day Frog and Toad. Two friends with different personalities who end up making the best of every situation. The book starts where we left them in the first one, flying seawards onto a new adventure. "...0n Ice" has them landing in the antarctic where the flightless penguins think Bird is the Chosen One who will set them free from the Big Whale. I didn't find this quite as funny as the first book but it still has a great sense of humour that kids (and adults) will love. The art is enthralling and while Burks uses the same square-headed style, this is contrasted with one new character: a lone round-head. This makes her stand out as she looks very cute compared to the others. It's amazing how the illustrator does this but it both shows she is a girl and that she is much younger ( a little kid really). I'm grown quite fond of Bird & Squirrel and hope there will be another book as the ending suggests.

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