332-336: Level 3 TOON BOOKS

Ahhh!  I am so upset!  I had a whole page detailed review of these five books and I lost it into the great beyond, never to be found again!  I read these a while ago and wouldn't be able to do the reviews justice from the top of  my head now.  So I am going to feature them here today instead.

These are the last five TOON BOOKS I had left to read.  All are Level 2 readers and now I am up-to-date and eagerly awaiting the next releases.  After each book's feature is my rating and my one sentence opinion.

332. Benny and Penny in Lights Out! by Geoffrey Hayes (4/5)

"It’s nearly time for lights out but Benny and Penny just can’t settle down. The moon has gone missing, there’s a flashlight to play with, Benny can’t sleep without his favorite pirate hat—and he left it inside the spooky backyard playhouse!

Geoffrey Hayes’ loveable mice are about to find out just how many adventures can be packed in before bedtime."

I love Benny and Penny and this lives up to expectations.  Not the best one but still great.

333. Patrick in a Teddy Bear's Picnic and Other Stories by Geoffrey Hayes (5/5)

"Theodor Seuss Geisel Award-winner Geoffrey Hayes delights young readers with these easy-to-read short stories about Patrick Brown, in a collection perfect for emerging readers. Patrick is a puddle-jumping teddy whose biggest challenge is avoiding nap time...until Big Bear shows up!'

Patrick is one of my favourite sub-series in the Toon Book franchise and here we have a wonderful story of a family picnic, family time and the problems of a bully.  But Patrick learns how to outsmart a bully in the end.

334. Benjamin Bear in Fuzzy Thinking by Philippe Coudray (3/5)

"Benjamin Bear does everything in his own funny way, whether it's drying dishes on a rabbit’s back or sharing his sweater without taking it off. In this series of gags starring a very loopy bear, Philippe Coudray creates a zany world that makes kids think and solve puzzles, drawing all readers into the game."

I'm not totally thrilled with the Benjamin Bear books.  The one page gags get old on me quite quickly but I found this much more funny than it's follow up "Bright Ideas" where I didn't even get some of the gags.  The art is very cute though and typically French in style.

335. Maya Makes a Mess by Rutu Modan (3.5/5)

"In the midst of a family dinner with her scolding parents, Maya receives an unexpected invitation to dine with the Queen. Suddenly, her messy manners are put to the ultimate test and she begins to improvise her very own set of rules, with uproarious results."

Filled with humor and exquisitely imagined detail, this book by Eisner Award-winner Rutu Modan is bound to turn every child into a voracious reader.

Not exactly the book to teach a kid manners but a fun story for messy eaters nonetheless   Maya introduces a little fun into the prim and proper royal court with her particular style of eating and the illustrations are crazily detailed.  should keep the reader lingering on each page studying the pictures.

336. Nina in That Makes Me Mad by Hilary Knight (4/5)

"What makes Nina mad? Lots of things—lots of little, everyday things, frustrations that all children will recognize. But Nina knows how to speak her mind and that makes her feel much better. In a series of humorous vignettes, Hilary Knight, the artist who brought the enormously successful Eloise to life, applies his magic to a text by veteran children's book writer Steven Kroll, and brings to life a spunky character who will show young readers how to articulate their feelings."

Based on a Steven Kroll book written in 2002, each two page spread shows Nina getting mad and telling the things that make her mad.  Some are trivial and others she has just cause but by the book's end Mother has helped her to understand that it is ok to feel anger but there are better ways to deal with it.  A lovely book illustrated by the esteemed Hilary Knight.  Signing such a well-known illustrator certainly is a feather in Toon Book's hat!