86. True Colors by Brian Smith

True Colors by Brian Smith. Art by Jacob Chabot
Voltron Force, Vol. 6

Rating: 5/5

(US) - (Canada)

Feb. 5, 2013, VizMedia, 96 pgs
Age: 8+

Received a review copy from Simon & Schuster Canada.

"All of the Voltron Force’s enemies from past battles—The Drule twins Zora and Roza, Daggor, Kai-Borg and Prince Nebulax—have joined forces with King Lotor for the ultimate battle of good versus evil. And this time, Lotor is in command of something he’s never had before—the Voltron Lions!Could this be the end of the Voltron Force?"

A fantastic conclusion to this 6-volume series!  Bringing back all the former villains from the previous stories, this becomes an action-packed story as they join forces with Lotor to finally take over Voltron.  A satisfying ending leaves our main characters at a point of accomplishment but the storyline is also left at a point where it would be easy to follow up with a second series.  I really enjoyed these characters and found this and the other stories well-written.  There are also two confident, major female characters which will bring the series' appeal to girl readers as well, even though it is certainly going to be favoured by boys.  A great ending to an all around fun series for the younger crowd.