The Action BibleThe Action Bible by  Sergio Cariello
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This took me a long time to read but it is very good. First, the illustrations by DC & Marvel illustrator Sergio Cariello are gorgeous! Secondly, the book is not arranged by the books of the Bible, as usual, rather, instead, it is arranged chronologically really providing an historical view of the "Greatest Story". This really helps in the OT presenting one continuous story. Between the OT and NT is a non-biblical history of what went on during those years and though not noted as such this contains some information from Maccabees. The NT is already mostly chronological but it brings a bigger picture by weaving the Letters throughout Acts. While the book is intended for children I'd recommend it for any age. As a Catholic, I found the Protest publisher's take to be Catholic-friendly with only a few common Protestant-only ideas.