Dance Class #6: A Merry Olde Christmas by Béka

Dance Class #6: A Merry Olde Christmas by Béka
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Dance Class (6)

This was a pleasant surprise for me. I'm not exactly into girly-girl, princess type stories so a ballet themed series did not seem like it would be my cup of tea but I found this highly enjoyable, witty and well-written. I really enjoyed the presentation also. The first entire half of the book contains the titular story which has the girls travelling to England to participate in a musical that is very loosely based on Dickens' "Christmas Carol". The second half of the book is comprised of approx. 3-page random comic strips with an occasional returning sketch of a repeated attempt at a flash mob. These were humorous and amused me greatly. Girls who like dance will love this and boys also as there is always a boy participant in the dance group, which one of the girls will crush on. The cast is also diverse including (along with the boy dancer) African-Americans, a plump dancer, an obviously gay director, a single dad and divorced parents.

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