Zatch Bell, Volume 15 by Makoto Raiku

Zatch Bell, Volume 15 by Makoto Raiku
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Zatch Bell! (15)

I've been on a bit of a hiatus from this series so it was an especial joy to get back into reading another volume and remembering just how much I love Zatch Bell. The characters are all just so genuine and I love them so much! The plot doesn't progress too much for most of the book as we have our teams battling various 1000 year old mamodos the Zofis is controlling. The battle between good and evil is continuing with the good not necessarily winning but at least gaining more members. I love all the characters and the battle action. As the book nears end Zofis learns of a turncoat and comes to do battle himself bringing us the return of a very popular anti-hero team.

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