My Love Story!!, Vol. 11 by Kazune Kawahara

My Love Story!!, Vol. 11My Love Story!!, Vol. 11 by Kazune Kawahara
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This volume starts where the last one left off, with Takeo dealing with his intense feelings for Yamato by spending less time with her. Then one day their classes both take the same school trip and they have to deal with their emotions when they are close to each other. The book ends with Suna befriending a transfer student, and Yamato feeling left out because his best friend is spending less time with him than normal. It's been a while since Suna's sexuality has been dealt with and there are huge overtones here which I hope do not go in the direction that they hint. So that is making me worried about the next volume as that sort of storyline would mess with the innocence and sweetness of this whole story plot, but we'll see!