Weekly Shonen Jump Aug 5, 2013 edited by VIZ Media

Weekly Shonen Jump Aug 5, 2013 edited by VIZ Media
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Published August 5th 2013 by Viz Media

Shonen Jump Magazine

This week Bleach is on hiatus and Blue Exorcist returns for the first time for the current year (2013) and is also my first introduction to the title. This was a good issue!

1. Blue Exorcist Ch. 28 - This is the first time this title has appeared since I started the magazine; I guess it was on hiatus like Bleach is for this issue. So lets see if I understand what's going on! OH, this looks good. Got the gist of it; exorcists, demons, souls, etc. There is a spy in the ranks, the bad guys are trying to kidnap a girl on the good side and some cool battles take place. 41 pages was a good length to get this started for a newbie like me. (4/5)

2. One Piece Ch. 716 - So I haven't managed to get my bearings in this yet. It was on hiatus last issue. No plot to follow here yet. Still in the battle from last issue. But I know this from where I am in reading the manga and love the characters. Great fun! (4/5)

3. Naruto No. 641 - This is my 4th issue of the magazine and up to this point there has been no plot for me to get my bearings just battles. And so it continues. I've also noticed that compared to the other stories I don't like the art as much in this one. (2/5)

4. Toriko Gourmet 244 - Very short but I'm loving this one! The girl is not who they think she is and man! the dudes are awesome in this manga! (5/5)

5. World Trigger Ch. 25 - A lot of talk as the head of our trio has a face-to-face with the traitor who wants to keep the Black Trigger safe. He heads up a team and the chapter ends with swords drawn. Good for getting some insight into the story. (4/5)

6. One-Punch Man, Punch 23 - Short again but also one of my favourites. One-Punch is close to moving up in rank. Giant sea creatures are attacking a city and the hero fighting them is tiring so One-Punch is on his way to help. I've been thinking OP looked like someone and it hit me today, Avatar! (5/5)

7. Nisekoi Ch. 85 - Even though I don't like this boring romance, this chapter was cute. About confessing your true feelings to someone and feeling better whether they reciprocate or not. And Raku gets up the nerve to ask Onodera to walk home together. (3/5)

8. Jaco the Galactic Patrolman Ch. 4 - This is fun and the art is cute! Jaco and Omori go to the city for supplies and Jaco has trouble not killing anyone and not bringing attention to himself. (5/5)

9. Dragon Ball Saiyan Saga DBZ 26: Gohan, Piccolo, etc. are about to be defeated when Goku, recently returned from Hell, speeds his way to them. In glorious full-colour! I love Dragon Ball! (5/5)

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