255-258. Children of the Sea Vol. 1-4 by Daisuke Igarashi

It has been three years since the publication of volume 4 of this series and volume 5 has finally come out this year.  So before reading volume five, I decided to go back and re-read the series from the beginning to better appreciate the ending.  I loved this series when originally reading it and was very disappointed when the final volume never made an appearance, so needless to say I'm very excited to read the final fifth volume.  Upon re-reading these volumes, Ill say I enjoyed the series even more and this is a keeper for my shelves.

255. Children of the Sea Vol. 1 by Daisuke Igarashi
My original review can be found here where I rated the book 5/5.  Upon my second reading of this book, I am a much more experienced manga reader than I was back in 2009.  My initial observations this time around are the exquisite beauty of the detailed drawings, especially the backgrounds and the full two-page spreads.  Gorgeous!  A magnificent book.  Still very unique and unlike much else I've read.  This is seinen, aimed at young male adults, 18-30/40.  The book is plot and character driven, mature and does deserve the 16+ rating simply based on interest rather than there being anything inappropriate for youngers.  An intriguing mystical experience.  One observation I made this time around is that the book starts with a woman on a boat talking to a young boy telling him about a story of the sea when she was a young girl.  This I missed the first time around.  Now I will be paying attention, is this book the story that a grown-up Ruki is telling the boy?  Upon re-read I still give a rating of 5/5

256. Children of the Sea Vol. 2 by Daisuke Igarashi
My original review (found here) is very detailed on my impressions of this volume and I won't repeat them. I rated it a (4.5/5) For this re-read I am again just astounded with Igarashi's stunning art.  His representation of marine life is captivating.  The story becomes very mystical at this point.  The boys themselves and Jim refer to them as not human, something I think I missed in the first read and this is an important plot-point.  Also much is made of Ruka's similarities with Umi and Sora.  I still don't like the way Anglade is drawn.  I really hate it when they draw a beautiful girl with long flowing hair, gorgeous big eyes with long upturned eyelashes and then eventually tell you it's a him.  Gag! The story is becoming very mystical with connections between both myths and science at this point and the ending is shocking and tragic.  I'd be willing to change my rating to a full 5/5 at this point.  Anglade's looks don't affect the story, just my sensibilities LOL.

257. Children of the Sea Vol. 3 by Daisuke Igarashi
My original review pretty much says it all about this volume.  Only I've been able to follow the story better this time around and have managed to see where the plot is going with the Ruka angle, which has been hinted at from the beginning.  Fascinating story, one more volume left to re-read! and I agree with my original rating of 4/5.

258. Children of the Sea Vol. 4 by Daisuke Igarashi
My original review for this volume gave a rating of 3/5 but I would certainly raise that up to 4/5 this time.  It makes a lot more sense reading the books back to back than it did originally waiting 7 months between reads!  My original review pretty much covers everything except I am not confused as I was then; I actually am piecing things together; absolutely love the life/birth references and am hoping the finale will bring that all together with a birth.

Come back Monday for the long awaited final fifth volume!!!!!!