Future Quest, Vol. 1 by Jeff Parker

Future Quest, Vol. 1Future Quest, Vol. 1 by Jeff Parker
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I have been looking forward to the new DC Hanna-Barbera Universe with high anticipation! This is the 2nd book out but my first read. There is only one word to describe it ... AWESOME!! I grew up watching these cartoons on Saturday mornings and am so happy to see all the HB superheroes in a modern story-line. Future Quest is typical superhero fare with a sci-fi theme. I have always loved Jonny Quest, and this re-imagining is faithful yet current. I'm in love! This is a very busy volume with masses of characters introduced and the beginning of a story arc that promises to be epic. The book switches back and forth between the main plot and background/origin stories for the heroes, superheroes, and villains. I won't get into the whole story here but let's just say I highly recommend!!