QQ Sweeper, Vol. 3 by Kyousuke Motomi

QQ Sweeper, Vol. 3 by Kyousuke Motomi
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Paperback, 192 pages
Published June 7th 2016 by VIZ Media
Source: Received a print review copy from the publisher

QQ Sweeper (Vol. 3)

So this is the final volume of a trilogy, though the series does continue with a new title and a new volume 1 but I don't know if it's being translated into English or not. Anyway ... this is a wonderful final volume. It is very intense with its paranormal content, the romance between the main characters, and there is also a theme of friendship and forgiveness. What I really liked about the romance aspect of this series is that the two main characters do like each other and while it's intense there is none of that reading 15 volumes before the characters kiss business that keeps me away from most shojo. The paranormal aspect is a little silly, bugs infecting people, but again it's intense and a villain is centre stage in this volume. The cleaning aspect is actually fun and adds humour to the other dark overtones. The ending isn't finite as the mangaka had to wrap things up quickly but she did a good job of leaving you to imagine the future. But of course, the series does continue under the title "Queens Quality".


  1. I just finished all 36 volumes of Skip Beat, my first manga series, and now I am bereft: how will I wait until September when the next one comes out? This one looks like it could fill the gap—though only three volumes won't last me very long!


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